Print, preferably on heavier paper like card stock, and trim white edges. (Trim to 8”x10” size if framing is desired.) Display!



Print the sheet of labels on plain(copier) or glossy paper and cut out each label. Simply wrap the label around the bottle (removing the existing water bottle label first is optional.) Use a glue stick or tape to secure the ends of the label to the bottle.

*Tip: Cover the sheet of printed labels (front and back) with clear contact paper to make them more water-resistant.



Print this sheet preferably on heavier paper such as card stock, and cut out each tag. Attach to goodie bags, favors, etc!



Print this sheet preferably on heavier paper such as card stock, and cut along vertical and horizontal trim lines to create 4 cards. Fold in half along the top edge of the front of each card to create tents. Write your personalized text on the front of the cards and stand to display.

*Optional: Print the sheet of blank labels first, then using a word processor or similar software, type your personalized text in a blank document and print this document OVER the pre-printed sheet of blank labels. This requires a little measuring, a little word-processing skill and a little patience but it can be done!



Print this sheet preferably on heavier paper like card stock (or sticker/adhesive paper to create stickers) and cut into rows. Center a 2-inch craft punch (circle or scallop-circle) over each square and simply punch. To create a cupcake topper, simply “sandwich” a toothpick, popsicle or lollipop stick, etc. between two cut circles, with back/blank sides together, using tape and insert the other end of the “pick” into the cupcake!

These printables can be used to make so many creative party decorations and favors, only limited by your imagination!



Simply print each page on an 8.5"x11" sheet of white paper (preferably heavier paper such as card stock.) In Adobe Reader, be sure that the print settings are not set to scale the page size in any way - print the actual file size. After printing, cut out each banner and image piece. Cut/punch a hole in the top left and right corners of each piece for inserting a string/ribbon for hanging.

Next, place your banner pieces on a table or on the floor as you would like the finished banner displayed leaving the desired space between each piece. Measure the total length from one end to the other. Being sure to include the necessary length on each end of the banner that it will require for hanging.

Cut the string/ribbon length required and pass it through each piece. Start with the first piece and push the ribbon through the top left hole from the front side. Pass the string under the back and back up through the hole on the top right side. Next, move to the second piece and push the string through the top left hole, etc. Repeat this with each piece until you have completed your row (you may choose to put each word on it's own row!) You may need to adjust the banner pieces to space them appropriately after stringing is complete. Now you're ready to hang! :)