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If you were a kid in the 80s like myself, you'll most certainly recall that little redheaded cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake. Believe it or not, she has remained extremely popular over the years and little girls still adore her - both the Strawberry Shortcake of today as well as her "vintage" character (I can't believe I used the word vintage to describe the time when I grew up...sad!) Anyway, if you're considering a strawberry themed party for your little fan, here are a few neat ideas that are really easy to do, even for the least "crafty" of us:


Serve food that represents the Strawberry Shortcake characters:

- Strawberry Shortcakes

- Blueberry Muffins

- Raspberry Tarts

- Angel Cake (angel food cake)


- A simple strawberry box cake with pink icing and tiny chocolate chips (to represent seeds), topped with a cluster of strawberries in the center - can't get simpler than this!

- Use a cupcake stand to display an assortment of pink/red and green iced cupcakes, decorated with printable cupcake toppers attached to toothpicks.


- Strawberry balloons: draw/paint seed shapes on plain red balloons then top with leaf shapes cut from green construction paper. You could also cut the seed shapes out of plain white paper and glue them to the balloon with a glue stick.

- For table coverings, purchase inexpensive red, pink or green plastic tablecloths from your local dollar or general store.

- Choose solid red, pink or green napkins, plates and plastic utensils.

- Create plastic cutlery holders by painting or gluing seed shapes (just like the balloons above) on a solid red solo cup and tie a green bow around the very top brim of the cup.

- If you have any baskets around your home, you can dress them up with red, pink or green ribbons to hold food, favors, plates, etc.or even use one as a a table centerpiece.

- Hang a pennant banner, display welcome signs, decorate water bottles and more with strawberry party printables. Simply print, cut & assemble!


- Clear bags filled with any kind of strawberry flavored candy, topped with a printable "thank you" favor tag.

- Tiny favor baskets or containers found at the dollar or general store, each filled with a large chocolate covered strawberry (simply dip strawberries in melted candy-making chocolate.)

- Decorate large pre-packaged sugar cookies with pink or red icing and tiny chocolate chips to represent seeds. Wrap each cookie in a clear bag and tie with a green ribbon.

Please share in the comments below if you try any of these or if you have any other simple, but great strawberry DIY party ideas! Happy Strawberry Party Planning! :)


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