FREEBIE | Printable Back to School Record August 07, 2015 10:15

I say it every year, but honestly this summer has flown by faster than ever - seriously, where the heck did it go? Back-to-school time has crept back around again (notice I use the word "crept," as if it's sneaky or something to be feared...) Ok I admit I'm not thrilled about it, mostly because it means summer is almost over (and you may have heard me mention how much I adore the summertime,) but mostly because I'll miss having the kiddos around so much and that crazy, busy school-homework-activities "hamster wheel" begins again....sigh. But what really, really gets me is the realization of how much the kids have changed in just one short, 365-day year...doesn't it just blow your mind when you look back at last year's "first day of school" pictures? And that's just their physical appearance.They change so much, so quickly in so many ways that it's almost scary. So, I've decided that capturing all the details of "who" they are today that I possibly can, is a much better way to spend my time than dreading the aspects of back-to-school that I'm not too thrilled about!

Click here to download this free, printable "Back-to-School Record!"

This brings me to my newest freebie that I have for you today...a "Back-to-School Record" that you simply print and complete with your child at the start of each new school year! You can record all those very important personal facts, like their favorite color and favorite tv show, along with a current photo and and even their handprint! And then next year, when it's time to print a new record, you can bring out the one from this year and compare (if you dare!) to see how much your babies have grown and changed so quickly. And maybe we will be reminded to savor each day with them, good days and bad alike. Ok, I think I'm getting watery-eyed so I'll stop there - you get the picture! If you like this freebie, please comment below or send me an email to let me know - I'd love to hear from you :) Wishing you all a fabulous end of summer and a smooth, back-to-school time!


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