Celebrate | All About Dad & Free Gift Guide Printable June 18, 2015 08:04

This weekend always, no matter what, gets the best of me because I have two kiddos with birthdays just before (and occasionally ON) Father's Day...yes two (and they are not twins!) Sadly I'm sure my hubby doesn't give his "daddy holiday" much thought anymore since we've spent so, so, so many Father's Day weekends consumed with little girl birthday parties surrounded by school friends, setting up water activities, grilling and making party food and hosting family members from out-of-town. So this year I decided I was going to make Father's Day more of a priority...and I am happy to report that I at least have his gift from the girls already...which is really good for me (and I do mean REALLY.)  I still have more details for the actual "celebration" that day to work out, and honestly I don't even know exactly where I'm headed even still, but in my quest for making Dad's Day special this year, here are some really neat things I've found so far that I just had to share!

1. Cute DIY goodie bags for Dad from Little Family Fun 

2. Cool vintage soda collection gift idea from Oh Happy Day

3. Yummy steak with blue cheese sauce recipe from A Lady in France via Today's Work at Home Mom

4. Awesome grill-shaped Dad's Day cake from BuzzFeed

5. Beautiful cookies that are all about Dad from Lilaloa

Also want to share a freebie with you that I made to help me search for ideas and make plans! I created a "Dad Information Sheet" that I can store all of his important info and interests to use as a helpful "reference" when out-and-about shopping. Hope it's helpful to you too! :)