Celebrate | Planning a Graduation Party April 26, 2015 08:00

Whether your upcoming graduate is a high school senior or finishing college, this is a huge milestone event in their life as well as yours and most deserving of a big celebration! We're almost there, not just yet, but I am already researching ideas for ways to celebrate this major accomplishment in my kids' lives. Not just because it's fun to have a party, or a fun time for the kids and their friends, but mainly because I want to acknowledge their hard work and resulting achievements, while sending them off to the next stage of life with momentum to continue to work hard to be all they are meant to be!

Here are the major considerations I've found so far in my search for preparing for this momentous event....

1)  Decide with your grad what kind of party you want to have. Some options are a small party with just their friends, a large party with both family and friends or even just a dinner party with immediate family. Consider there will be other graduation parties being planned at the same time when determining a date. If you plan early enough, save-the-dates are a great way to "claim" a date well in advance of grad season.

2) Determine the location of the party: your backyard, the neighborhood clubhouse, a favorite restaurant, etc.

3) Choose the style of party. This can be anything from a pool party with shorts and flip-flops to a fancy dinner party with formal attire to a themed party based on something the grad is passionate about like sports or choir or dance, for example.

4) You will more than likely have to provide food no matter which party style you choose. Decide if you want to prepare everything yourself or hire a caterer. If you are hosting a joint party for multiple grads, then consider having everyone bring a dish...potluck style!

5) Create the guest list and pick out invitations or even make your own. 

6) Consider items you may need to rent or purchase like flowers, balloons, linens, tents, catered food and the venue itself.

These are just a few main things to consider for a grad party. If you do the planning early in the school year, your party will be what it is intended to be: a celebration not a stressor! Lastly, focus on celebrating with your grad and having a ton of FUN!



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