FREEBIE | Printable Happy Easter Bunny Banner April 01, 2015 12:19

Wow, is it just me or does Easter seem really early this year? Maybe because it was on the 20th last year - quite a big difference! Also, as I always heard from the adults around me when I was growing up, times just goes by so much faster as you get true. It's already April, for goodness sake!! I swear it feels like I was just taking down the Christmas decorations. But, instead of subscribing to the explanation that I'm just plain getting older, I prefer to believe another popular theory which is simply "time flies when you're having fun!" And since I must be having tons of fun these days, I want to share a fun Easter freebie with you! This cute little banner would be a sweet touch to your Easter party decor, an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, or even your traditional Easter family lunch after church. 


Free "Happy Easter" banner in pastel spring colors on a scalloped, gingham background and featuring a cute little bunny silhouette!


Download it for free here and enjoy! :)

(PS - If you use this banner, please send me a pic! I love knowing you guys enjoy my free printables and I get a kick out of seeing how you use them!) 


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