No-Bake Ladybug Cookies March 27, 2015 14:23

If you're planning a ladybug-themed party, I want to share with you a really creative party food idea that I recently found! Of course it's a sweet treat, but it's also perfectly adorable and best of all, pretty simple to make. Actually this is a great weekend snack idea for the kids as well...maybe to celebrate that spring is finally here (great excuse, right?!) Malia from has beautiful photos and simple instructions on how to make these lovely ladybug cookies...


....made with, you guessed it, Nutter Butter cookies! So that's right, you don't even have to bake them which means less time in the kitchen (and you already know they're going to taste great!) The kids can even help with the decorating since the process is so quick and easy...and what kid won't love putting on those little candy eyes? Get Malia's step-by-step instructions along with more adorable photos of these unique and fun cookies at You're sure to get "ooohs and aaahs" over these, whether it's from the kids or your guests! What do you think of this simple, creative party food idea? Let me know below! :)


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