St. Patrick's Day Cookies Too Pretty to Eat!

Posted by Shonda O'Beirne on

I absolutely *had* to share some amazing St. Patrick's Day cookie creations that were made by Georganne at LilaLoa! And when I say creations, I am seriously emphasizing the "create" part, because these are nothing short of little works of adorable art if you ask me! She provides great tutorials and video snippets on how to recreate her designs in a uniquely entertaining, witty and fun way! :)

When I first saw these flower-shaped ones, I completely fell in love...I thought they were gorgeous and unique and "spring-y" and dainty...and so on, and so on! Then I thought to myself the only way I'd ever see these cookies "in real life" is if Georganne made them for me herself. But actually, her little step-by-step tutorial for creating those darn cute shamrocks, makes even the novice decorator in me feel empowered to tackle this super-cute cookie project!

Don't you just adore these little "shamrock face" cookies?

Definitely take a few minutes to check out her smorgasbord of shamrock, rainbow and leprechaun cookie designs as you plan and prepare for your St. Patty's day parties and events this year! Your guests just might find them too pretty to eat! :)

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