FREEBIE | Happy Valentine's Day Printable Treat Card February 04, 2015 17:46

I don't know about you, but when my kiddos were little I was never thrilled with buying the cartoon-inspired valentines from the drugstore! Instead, I always enjoyed making a cute little card or favor tag that I could attach a pencil or lollipop to...ok yes, because it was an excuse for me to be crafty when I otherwise felt guilty making time for crafts!...but mostly because it was just so much more personal and something the kids and I could do together for fun. Now that they are a little older (and sadly, no longer in need of my brilliant valentine creations) I decided I'd share my latest design idea with those Moms who might also appreciate a quick, simple, inexpensive valentine option...and those that just aren't overly excited about the drugstore selection!

These cute little cards are actually a card and envelope in one which means you can also stash a little treat inside. All you will need is your printer and some plain paper (cardstock would work better since it's thicker, but definitely not required) as well as scissors, some tape and of course the prize inside (small piece of candy or pencil eraser or gum, etc.) Simple instructions are included on the printable sheet. If you notice in the image above, I quickly printed out this design on just a plain piece of paper (don't look too closely or you'll see my impatient cut lines!) and I think it turned out really cute! (Don't forget to cut out that little piece at the top of the heart to get the full "die-cut" affect with the envelope flap.) Download it here and please share with another Mom you think would appreciate a freebie today! :)