Around the House | Home Decor via Your Home Office Printer January 19, 2015 17:17

YES, you can actually use your home printer to dress up your walls quickly, instantly and affordably with our newest product...printable wall art! I am SO excited to finally be offering these designs as I have been itching to create them for quite a while. I'm dating myself a bit when I say this, but I actually created my very first digital art prints almost 16 years ago for my first daughter's nursery. I found two beautiful poems, one "from" Mommy and one "from" Daddy, and simply typed them up on my old desktop computer (I distinctly remember struggling with the font...not much of a selection back then and they all resembled a typewriter!) But after finding some decorative paper to print the basic black text on (no color printer yet) and then placing them in 2 simple wooden frames, they absolutely came to life and warmed up those bare nursery walls. And now many years later, I find myself completely enamored with enhancing and embellishing frame-worthy words, quotes and scripture to best reflect their meaning, all with the intention of adding a warm touch to your walls as well! Check them out here!