15 Super Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies October 15, 2014 11:45

Halloween is just two weeks away! If you haven't had a chance to decide on the perfect costume for your little one, NOW is the time. Let's tackle the subject of baby costumes - while ridiculously cute, they can be a bit hard to choose:

A)  Your little one isn't able to give ideas on what they would like to go as yet (if they are, consider dressing them as Baby Einstein! )

B)  Choosing a costume that allows for optimal baby squirming, but still makes them feel all snuggly and warm too can be tricky 

C) Diaper-changing adds a third layer of complexity  

We've rounded up the cutest costumes suitable for babies, ages 0 months - 24 months here. So Momma's, if you still are wondering how to dress up your little pumpkin here are 15 baby costumers to try Halloween 2014.