CELEBRATE | 4 Steps to an Un(bee)lievable Spring Bumblebee Party May 05, 2016 12:44

Spring has officially sprung, making it the best time of year to host sweet, seasonal themed birthday parties. Still looking for the perfect spring party idea for your little one? Why not host an un-bee-lievable bumblebee themed bash? This party theme is easy to prepare, unisex and adjustable to fit all age groups.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got your covered with 4 simple steps to host an unforgettable bumblebee party!

Step 1: Invitations
Help your child write up a guest list for the big day. Once you’ve made a list, it’s time to prepare some fantastic bee themed invitations to get the excitement buzzing. A DIY editable invitation template is a quick and easy option. Have fun with it - don’t be afraid to get corny and ask your guests to ‘buzz on by’!

Step 2: Food/Catering
Need Bumblebee Party catering ideas? Fortunately most kids love sugar, which means even the most reluctant baker can please the hive with some simple sugar cookies drizzled with honey. But if you’re feeling more ambitious, why not try your hand at some awesome bumblebee cake pops? Alexandra from Enchanted Events & Designs has a super helpful tutorial to help you turn basic cake balls, lollipop sticks and yellow candy melts into bee-autiful bee cake pops.

Your little bees are going to want some nectar, too! You can create a sensationally sweet spring drink that kids and parents alike will adore by combining ginger, honey, lemon, water (or carbonated water) into a concoction that’ll really create a buzz. Check out the recipe here.

Don’t forget to print out some of your Bumblebee Water Labels and attach them to water bottles or cups (and even consider writing the names on each one so there are no mix-ups - especially if you want to turn these cute mocktails into cocktails for the grownups!)

(Gorgeous Bumblebee Pops from Cakes By Tali)

Step 3: Decorating
Welcome your guests to the hive with a theme-colored Happy Birthday Banner, then continue the fun by surrounding the area with black and yellow helium balloons. Don’t forget, bees love flowers, so a few floral additions (like sunflowers and daisies, real or plastic) will really add to the atmosphere.

With your Printable DIY Bumblebee Party Kit, you’ll have no shortage of bumblebee themed decorations to decorate with. Stick to your traditional black and yellow color scheme, then print out some of your favorite designs, cut them down to the correct size and plaster them all over the party zone. All the pieces in this kit are super versatile, so be creative – 2d cake toppers can easily be attached to a regular tablecloth to enhance the bee-day feel.

Complete the look with an adorable DIY beehive as either a table centerpiece or cute wall fixture.

Step 4: Party Games & Favors
After all that sweet party food, your little bees are going to be buzzing with energy. Keep with your party theme by modifying a game of tag. The person who is ‘It’ is now the Queen Bee and everyone else has to avoid being stung!

Once the party is drawing to a close, thank your guests by presenting them with a favor bag to take home, filled with honey-inspired treats. You can always use store-bought candy, but if you want something a little healthier, Sugar Free Kids has got you covered with these healthier honey crackles. Don’t forget to attach a Bumblebee Favor Tag to every bag!

And there you have it – our printable Bumblebee decor and a dash of creativity - you’ve officially planned the best bee-day party of the year!

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